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Look what I found! A piece of Nitz-History!

Blogger Me

One of my goals for the New Year (2021 it is) was to get back to writing. I've always loved to write, in both languages. I felt that writing helps me better learn myself, as well as exercise mastering the language. I am not sure how many of you know, but once upon a time I had two blogs.

The first blog I started right before I left Israel, in March 2009 on my adventure, that became the life I am living today. The blog named: "Nitzan Around the World" and was composed in Hebrew. It was a mean for me to keep my network informed about my whereabouts in detail, plus the use of Facebook as a media where you share stuff like that wasn't common at the time. From skimming through the blog posts, I realize that other than keeping people appraised, I was also writing as if it was a diary, providing a peak into my personal journey, my feelings and thoughts, my exciting experiences but also my struggles, my dilemmas, my contemplations and pondering about life. I am unsure how many people actually read that other than a few dedicated troops, but at the time I didn't care. Writing to me was therapy. It was processing life through words. And I loved it! I started blogging in Israel, 3 weeks before I embarked, and kept writing in Antigua, Saint Martin, Palma De Mallorca - Spain and a few posts in NYC. The last post on late October 2009. At that point I came to a conclusion that I won't be continuing with my travel that year as planned, and that I will be keeping my post in NYC.

In the summer of 2010 I started a new blog. The title this time was: "Funny, weird, peculiar, interesting experiences in NYC". I recall that this was shortly after starting a new job in NYC, right after my first NewYorkversary. This blog was composed mostly in English (though there might have been a Hebrew post every now and then) and as I wrote on the blog description: "...My life as a local stranger in the city is sometime funny, odd, weird and even crazy... I'm writing mostly for myself, sort of therapy, but I also enjoy to share my thoughts with my readers. Sometimes I'll be writing English, sometimes Hebrew, all depends on the mood and the language the thoughts and experiences came into my mind. Plus - it's a great opportunity to enhance my English writing skills :-)..." Now skimming through this blog I see it was quite amusing. Nothing too emotional. Stuff I would later on in life post on Facebook at public distribution.

So what is this blog going to be about? I'm not sure yet. It might be about everything or nothing (a blog about nothing? who would even want to read it? ;-)). But I don't mind. I am going back to my writing habit mostly for myself. If you happen to be inspired, impressed or upset by it - it is totally up to you.

Bon voyage!



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