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New Year. Same Me (Just An Improved Version...)

Getting back to an old habit of mine - writing. A lot has happened in the past year. But I believe it's all for the best.

Last weekend I went for a hike with my friends Stephanie & Gordon. Stephanie found this magical trail called "The Fairy Trail" located at the South Mountain Reservation in Millburn, NJ. The first part of the hike was enchanting, just like walking through fairy wonderland. We carried on hiking in the forest, passing waterfalls, majestic fallen trees and other obscure natural phenomenons. It felt good connecting with nature again, and quite challenging as we hiked up and down hills covered with frozen mud. One of the highlights of the hike appeared towards the end of the hike, by a picnic area that was completely empty (cold winter day in covid times). We noticed a young deer staring at us from the edge of the picnic area at the end of the trail. He seemed curious and yet alert, which didn't stop him from standing still as we were respectably getting closer. I didn't want to get too close, and thought that taking a couple of snapshots from afar with my iPhone 11 Pro x2 lens would be enough. But then Stephanie did her thing - she moved closer to the deer slowly until she ended up sitting at the picnic table that was closest to the deer. While it didn't really surprise me, it wasn't in-line with the plan I had in my mind. But I felt compelled, so I changed my course.

The moment I changed my course I felt something wrong was about to happen. My feet lost grip, and my body lost balance as I slipped on the icy muddy ending up on the ground on all fours.

(Don't worry... no harm...)

Gordon who spotted my clumsiness started laughing so hard, and somehow I was able to get myself back at my feet laughing and thinking: "this is so typical me..."

For some reason, and in the vein of reflecting-on-the-past-year mode I was in, I recognized this poetic-and-yet-comical moment as a good summary of my 2020. I started the year strong, with the support of my friends who became my family. I was confident in walking towards my future, but then I got caught like a deer in a headlight (or a sunlight). I smiled at danger, but then my body reacted in protection. After the initial shock, I stood up from the mud, embracing my flawed nature by bursting up in laughter.

2021 - Here I come!


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